Week 3 – Classmate Conversation

While admiring William Brigham’s artwork in the Merlino Gallery, I was met by a fellow student by the name of Diana Solis https://solisdiana.wordpress.com.  We shared the interest in William’s art due to the intricate detail and precision necessary to create these vessels.  Diana is a senior graduating this semester and is a sociology major.  According to Diana, art is fun because there are no rules and boundaries.  It can be something you enjoy and allows you to express yourself and can be emotional. Diana told me a personal story about herself a long time ago when she was in an art class.  She used the color black to paint the background images and the teacher noticed and asked her if she was feeling down or not herself because she could sense it in her drawing.  This was a moment that make her realize that art has the capability to translate feelings.  2015-09-10 11.38.51


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