Week 4 – Artist Conversation


I had the pleasure to meet with artist Jamie Strassenburg’s “Inuit Mythos,” located in the Merlino art gallery at CSULB.  She is a unique artist using photoshop to express her artistic beliefs.  Jamie was inspired to do this type of art from a Native American Art History class at Long Beach State.  Due to her interests in anthropology and fantasy, she is able to articulate legend tales through her drawings.  By utilizing photoshop and this drawing tool:IMG_1369

Her drawings have amazing contrast in colors and extreme detail.  After composing her drawings using this tool, she then prints them on photopaper and enlarges them to show off her masterpieces. Here is an example of some of her works:




The previous three pieces are all interconnected together in a story about the sun and the moon and the tale of why the sun is brighter than the moon.  In the first of the 3, she is known as the Sun Sister, who is carrying the sun across the sky.  The original tale shows the second character, her brother Annigan, raping his sister.  Because of the dark, she was not able to see her attacker, but when she grabbed a nearby candle, she realized it was her brother and began running.  This story is further shown in the 3rd piece.  It shows Malina, the Sun Sister running with the candle, also representing the sun moving across the sky.

From talking to Jamie, she is a creative artist wanting recreate stories with pictures to tell mythical tales of the Inuit Indian tribe.  Because of her amazing artistic skills, she can use this to help launch her way into creating video game art.  By being able to create these images from a story, is an essential skill to have in creating video game characters.

I believe Jamie’s art is very unique because of the medium that she chooses to articulate it with.  The artist has many ideas that she wants to share with others.  I am impressed that a course offered at CSULB could inspire her to do so much  with her art career.  Seeing her use photoshop in this way is impressive because I have dabbled with photoshop in the past and it is a difficult program to master.  Even though I have taken a photoshop course in the past, the level of skill needed to create these pieces of art cannot be taught in any class.

Please visit Jamie Strassenburg’s website


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