Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Kiyomi Fukui

IMG_1417On September 24, I had the pleasure of meeting a unique artist by the name of Kiyomi Fukui.  Her pieces were presented in the Dutzi art Gallery at Cal State Long Beach.  She is a printmaker that uses an abstract medium to present her artwork.  She uses this special paper that will change colors and leave an imprint, to represent a physical memory of the encounter.  On this paper, Kiyomi drinks hibiscus tea while talking about her art.  She describes that a photo can also be taken to represent the interaction, however it is just a representation of the event.  The piece of paper that is on the table while people drink tea, create an impression left on the paper.  IMG_1425 IMG_1424Here are some examples to some pieces of paper that covered the table and having the impression left.

IMG_1418Here is a picture of Kiyomi having some hibiscus tea with me outside of her art gallery.  Her ideas of the world and art are abstract and represent a very free flowing mentality that I share with her.  Here is a little poem on her cards that she distributed at her gallery.  From talky ing to her, she seems like a driven artist that loves thinking outside the box to create her art.


After speaking with Kiyomi, I feel a greater sense of appreciation for the “moment” instead of just a representation of it.  Because of technology, there is less of a connection to real objects that create the memories.  Instead, there are a bunch of pictures, but it does not tell the same story.  After sharing ideas with Kiyomi, I feel that it is more important to enjoy the moment rather than to try and capture a representation of it.


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