Wk 5 – Ethnography

It is interesting to think that only 100 years ago the light bulb was invented.  Before the lightbulb, people woke up when the sun rose and went to sleep when it went down.  In my opinion, that gives humans a closer connection with the earth.  Because of the invention of the lightbulb, humankind has advanced tremendously with different kinds of technology.  It has allowed people to work later into the night and possibly all 24 hours.  Because I was not alive during the time when there was no lightbulbs, I have not had to live without it.  Living without electricity for one night can be challenging, but it has the potential to be  a good breather being disconnected.

As the sun was starting to set Thursday 9/24, I had to quickly finish my homework and study before saying goodbye to my cell phone and laptop.  As the sun went completely away around 8PM, my apartment was getting darker and darker.  Luckily I already had some candles lit in preparation.  As the night went by, without having the television and fans on, it got extremely hot so my girlfriend and I decided to go outside where we could get a breeze.  There wasn’t much to do outside either so we decided to cuddle and talk in bed.  Without the distractions of technology, there was good conversation that flowed naturally free of any disturbing noises from phones and television.  Due to the complete darkness with the exception of a few candles, we began to feel sleepy and ended up calling it a night.

The following morning, I woke up around 7am with the sunrise.  I felt more well rested than any other night.  I think it is because I went to sleep earlier than usual, or possibly, my mind was free from distractions and stress that technology brings.  2015-09-27 19.59.08


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