Wk 6 – Periscope

2015-10-04 16.17.59 2015-10-04 16.20.54 This week, I gave Periscope a try after hearing from Bree Olsen rave about it in class.  I watched a few casts from Bree and was amazed at how popular she was in the Periscope world.  She cams about everyday normal things, such as her putting on makeup and about relationship advice/issues.  In class, she told us about how she met a guy she was dating while she was Periscoping in New York Central Park.  On Friday, her scope was about how they are no longer dating.  Turns out, he was a fraud and just used her.  Seeing how much popularity surrounded her scope, I turned mine on as well to see what the deal was with this.  I first turned it on while I was driving in traffic.  I had at the max 6 people in the room at that time, however only 1 person actually talked to me.  They complimented me on my stickers on my hat, how they liked them. LOL.  But after that, they left.  It is kind of hard to be using Periscope while driving so I gave it another try today.  Today I met a girl named Emilia and we kept a conversation going for about 5 minutes.  Just talking about regular things but then I had to go.

At times, being on Periscope can be awkward because people aren’t talking back.  Whenever there is silence in the room, it’s kind of hard to just talk to yourself, but when there is an audience and they are participating, I can see how this app can be addicting for some.  You can speak your mind free from judgement.  You are able to say whatever you want without someone criticizing you.  I feel that this is a good medium for people to express themselves to whoever and whatever they want.


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