Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Angela Nicole Drew


During this weeks trip to the CSULB student art galleries, I had the honor of meeting a young artist by the name of Angela Nicole Drew.  She is a senior about to graduate and had a gallery titled “Layers” up for display.  I’ve posted a few pictures of her work to give an example.  Her pieces are made up of six different types of clay, each having a different color to represent the layers in the Grand Canyon.  These layers of rock sit on top of a wooden pedestal made from cypress wood, the type of wood believed to have made The Ark from the flood story in the bible.  The clay had a rouch surface, and had a lot of similarities to real rock.  Ms. Drew did a wonderful job of recreating the Grand Canyon as a miniature model.  Inside the sculptures, is a light illuminating representing God’s hands creating the Canyon.  Her inspiration in creating these pieces was to recreate the story of how the Grand Canyon was formed.  Scientists have studied rock formations for years but can never agree on one single explanation for how the canyon was formed.  Angela believes the Canyons were formed from the “Great Flood.”  Which is a biblical story that explained how God had a hand in making the Canyons.

Angela has been working with the ideas of Christianity for the last two years.  She feels that through her art, she can be more in touch with her beliefs and religion.  From talking to Angela, I get a sense of motivation to get more in-touch with my own religion.  I feel that many people don’t explore their religion or express it because they don’t know how to.  However using art as a medium, it can make it a lot more easier and fun at the same time.  Because of her Christianity and artsy nature, Angela is planning to join the peace corp after college and traveling to help children from different nations.  And in doing so, she wants to continue making ceramics in a more functional way, meaning making things that she can  use in everyday life.

Angela’s art work is very simple to interpret from the title because it is obvious that there are layers in her pieces.  But without speaking to her and hearing her explain the deep meaning behind the art, one wouldn’t be able to appreciate how personal and powerful her message is.  This is one of the artists that have allowed me to dare myself to explore my religion.  There is no right or wrong way to do it so I should give it a shot.  It is very cool to see an idea of the creation of the earth be brought to life using art.


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