Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

IMG_1554During week 12 of Art 110, I met Christopher Linquata.  His work consisted of huge paintings on the wall depicting normal activities in everyday life, showing himself in some of the works.  His paintings made use of acrylics on canvas and his art had a real sense of smooth realism effect.  One thing that stood out the most about his paintings were that the largest ones were very large.  They were one of the biggest ones seen in the art galleries this semester.

Chris begins his works first by creating a sketch that starts with his imagination.  He draws the people in his paintings, and he considers his artwork a study of life and space.  He spent 18 hours a day on these large paintings and he would put layers on top of layers creating these paintings.  If something didn’t fit or he didn’t like something, he would have the luxury to paint over it.  He is inspired to do this type of artwork because of his love in Renaissance paintings.  By talking and meeting other people in this art program, he became inspired in different types of pantings, from renaissance to modern paintings.  He considers himself a representational painter.

From listening to Christopher talk about his artwork, I felt inspired because there are so many ways to be creative.  By talking to different students, you can always learn and get a different perspective on things you already know.  When you are passionate about something, it is always important to show people and be able to express your thoughts.  Here are some of Chris’ work.

IMG_1557 unknown unknown unknown


Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Chris Chang

During week 12, I met a classmate by the name of Chris Chang.  He is a senior majoring in mathematics and wants to be in the finance field.  His first choice of college was MIT, and even though he was wait listed for the school, he did not get accepted.  Chris likes to watch and play basketball and his favorite team is the Lakers.  He moved to Long Beach from Orange County.  The question of the week was which color calms us and which color gets him going.  White is a color that calms him because it is an empty color.  He is a simple person and white is a perfect example.  Blue is the color that gets him going because it reminds him of the ocean and because he likes to surf.  IMG_1549

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Angel Franco

IMG_1520During week 10, the artwork of Angel Franco depicted a real life struggle that is happening everyday and it is tearing humanity apart.  Upon entering the Dutzi art gallery at CSULB, a full sized wall resembling a jail cell was the first thing that caught my eye.  Within the confines of the jail bars, lay clay fists, bullets, and toys, with a large clay model of a little girl.  There was also a projected connected to a laptop playing a video on a loop.  The video cycled through instances where police brutality was caught on film.  The purpose of the film was to show the social injustice for the 43 students that were arrested in Mexico while protesting.  These students were handed off to the drug cartel and have not been heard from since.  The bars in this exhibit represent the struggle that people face trying to get equality and not being heard.  The bullets represent the bloodshed and the toys represented the childhood that the kids have not had the chance to live.

IMG_1515 IMG_1518

Through talking with Angel, I get the feeling that this is a topic that truly resonates deeply with him.  He shared to me that he lives in Compton California , and has been profiled when driving home.  He lives in a gated community and has been stopped by the police to ask what he was doing and where he was going.  Things like this make it this issue of power more troublesome.  Mr. Franco does not feel that all cops are bad, but just the ones that abuse the power and there should be more awareness brought to the fact that this is an issue and people should be more loving towards one another.

The topic of police brutality on the minority is one that interests me greatly.  These videos showing the brutal murders of unarmed individuals show a total lack of control of individuals with power.  There really needs to be something done about the abuse of power from authority that we trust to protect us.  I am so glad that Angel had the opportunity to voice his opinion and share his views regarding this subject.  This abuse of power is something that is ruining the childhood of many kids and creates an environment where people may be scared to live.  Harsher punishments and consequences need to be handed down to the guilty.

Currently, Angel does not have any website to link to.

Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Milton Coreas

IMG_1514 In week 10 of Art 110, I met Milton Coreas in the Gatov-East gallery.  Milton is a 2nd year undeclared student but is leaning towards being a film major because he might want to be a director.  He also wants to have a minor in psychology.  We talked about what we like to do for fun and we both shared the same interest in eating and trying new types of food.  His favorite types are Japanese and Filipino food.  Milton lives in Lynwood and attended high school there.  If he could travel anywhere, he wants to go somewhere in Europe because of his favorite soccer team Barcelona.