Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

IMG_1554During week 12 of Art 110, I met Christopher Linquata.  His work consisted of huge paintings on the wall depicting normal activities in everyday life, showing himself in some of the works.  His paintings made use of acrylics on canvas and his art had a real sense of smooth realism effect.  One thing that stood out the most about his paintings were that the largest ones were very large.  They were one of the biggest ones seen in the art galleries this semester.

Chris begins his works first by creating a sketch that starts with his imagination.  He draws the people in his paintings, and he considers his artwork a study of life and space.  He spent 18 hours a day on these large paintings and he would put layers on top of layers creating these paintings.  If something didn’t fit or he didn’t like something, he would have the luxury to paint over it.  He is inspired to do this type of artwork because of his love in Renaissance paintings.  By talking and meeting other people in this art program, he became inspired in different types of pantings, from renaissance to modern paintings.  He considers himself a representational painter.

From listening to Christopher talk about his artwork, I felt inspired because there are so many ways to be creative.  By talking to different students, you can always learn and get a different perspective on things you already know.  When you are passionate about something, it is always important to show people and be able to express your thoughts.  Here are some of Chris’ work.

IMG_1557 unknown unknown unknown


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