Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Maria Leon


Week 8 of Art 110 I had the pleasure to meet Maria Leon.  She is a sophomore majoring in Health Science like myself.  We talked about school and what she wants to do with this major.  She told me that she started as a hospitality management major but changed it recently to health science because she wants to eventually go to med school.  She wants to work with kids and the people in her church. She lives in Hawaiian Gardens with her family and 2 younger siblings.  She told me about an artist that she interviewed in the past and showed me a picture of his work.  It represented the artist shooting the 8 ball into the pocket.  This represented closure because his brother died and feels his spirit with him.  This was her most memorable interview.


Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Angela Nicole Drew


During this weeks trip to the CSULB student art galleries, I had the honor of meeting a young artist by the name of Angela Nicole Drew.  She is a senior about to graduate and had a gallery titled “Layers” up for display.  I’ve posted a few pictures of her work to give an example.  Her pieces are made up of six different types of clay, each having a different color to represent the layers in the Grand Canyon.  These layers of rock sit on top of a wooden pedestal made from cypress wood, the type of wood believed to have made The Ark from the flood story in the bible.  The clay had a rouch surface, and had a lot of similarities to real rock.  Ms. Drew did a wonderful job of recreating the Grand Canyon as a miniature model.  Inside the sculptures, is a light illuminating representing God’s hands creating the Canyon.  Her inspiration in creating these pieces was to recreate the story of how the Grand Canyon was formed.  Scientists have studied rock formations for years but can never agree on one single explanation for how the canyon was formed.  Angela believes the Canyons were formed from the “Great Flood.”  Which is a biblical story that explained how God had a hand in making the Canyons.

Angela has been working with the ideas of Christianity for the last two years.  She feels that through her art, she can be more in touch with her beliefs and religion.  From talking to Angela, I get a sense of motivation to get more in-touch with my own religion.  I feel that many people don’t explore their religion or express it because they don’t know how to.  However using art as a medium, it can make it a lot more easier and fun at the same time.  Because of her Christianity and artsy nature, Angela is planning to join the peace corp after college and traveling to help children from different nations.  And in doing so, she wants to continue making ceramics in a more functional way, meaning making things that she can  use in everyday life.

Angela’s art work is very simple to interpret from the title because it is obvious that there are layers in her pieces.  But without speaking to her and hearing her explain the deep meaning behind the art, one wouldn’t be able to appreciate how personal and powerful her message is.  This is one of the artists that have allowed me to dare myself to explore my religion.  There is no right or wrong way to do it so I should give it a shot.  It is very cool to see an idea of the creation of the earth be brought to life using art.

Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Steven Gonzales

IMG_0928During week 7 of this fall 15′ semester, I interviewed my classmate Steven Gonzales.  He is a 2nd year sociology major and likes to hang out with his friends and eat.  He doesn’t like to party much but does enjoy to play and watch soccer.  He also likes to play video games with his friends.  His favorite soccer player is Messi, who plays for Barcelona.  I asked him about what color he would dye his hair and blue would be his choice because it is his favorite color, even though he said he would never do it.  Currently, he lives in Bellflower with his family.

Wk 6 – Periscope

2015-10-04 16.17.59 2015-10-04 16.20.54 This week, I gave Periscope a try after hearing from Bree Olsen rave about it in class.  I watched a few casts from Bree and was amazed at how popular she was in the Periscope world.  She cams about everyday normal things, such as her putting on makeup and about relationship advice/issues.  In class, she told us about how she met a guy she was dating while she was Periscoping in New York Central Park.  On Friday, her scope was about how they are no longer dating.  Turns out, he was a fraud and just used her.  Seeing how much popularity surrounded her scope, I turned mine on as well to see what the deal was with this.  I first turned it on while I was driving in traffic.  I had at the max 6 people in the room at that time, however only 1 person actually talked to me.  They complimented me on my stickers on my hat, how they liked them. LOL.  But after that, they left.  It is kind of hard to be using Periscope while driving so I gave it another try today.  Today I met a girl named Emilia and we kept a conversation going for about 5 minutes.  Just talking about regular things but then I had to go.

At times, being on Periscope can be awkward because people aren’t talking back.  Whenever there is silence in the room, it’s kind of hard to just talk to yourself, but when there is an audience and they are participating, I can see how this app can be addicting for some.  You can speak your mind free from judgement.  You are able to say whatever you want without someone criticizing you.  I feel that this is a good medium for people to express themselves to whoever and whatever they want.

Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Sery Kwon

IMG_1458In this weeks artist conversation, Sery Kwon caught my attention with her abstract paintings in the Gatov-East Gallery.  The paintings had many lines and colors spreaded throughout.  I originally thought of some sort of map when trying to analyze her work. She had 4 pieces of artwork on the wall, all on canvas prints.  One of her pieces had paper like material that was within the painting itself.  Her Gallery was titled “Site Lines,” which is a play on words for the meaning behind her art.  After talking to her about her displayed art, she explained that they are maps from various locations from an aerial view.  The colors within the map each represent different aspects of the map such as the traffic, the metro lines, and her routes while traveling the set location.  She uses pastels on canvas, but not with the typical brush.  She lays her canvas flat on the floor and drips the paint over to create her lines and color.

Hearing Sery explain her art, it allowed me to look into her personality.  One painting was a map of Dublin where she explained to me that the red lines was the route she took all over the city when she got lost on the metro, while the green lines was the route that she took to get back home.  This was such an adventure that she recreated the map through her artwork to create another memory.  One of her favorite paintings is one that she actually messed up.  She then turned that painting into a roadmap of her mind.  By talking to Sery, I can understand her love for traveling.  She has traveled to various places around the world and loves to document it through her artwork.  Here is Sery posing in front of my favorite piece of work, her map of LA: IMG_1457

Sery’s art definitely makes me want to travel more.  Hearing about her adventures in Dublin and Seoul how it inspired so much is a great motivator for me to travel myself.  Recreating a map of a location that has so many memories will be forever documented in the piece of art.  Makes me feel that the trip is still living on again in another form, the canvas on the wall.  I have always wanted to travel the world and Sery introduced me to a unique method of capturing memories. Please visit and support Sery through her website and instagram

Wk 6 – Classmate Conversation

IMG_1455For this weeks Classmate Conversation, I had the pleasure to meet Nestor Plascencia.  He is a 19 year old sophomore trying to get a business management degree.  He currenty works part time at an after school programming teaching 4th or 5th grade kids.  In high school, Nestor played tennis doubles and likes to play/watch soccer.  His favorite team is Barcelona because his favorite Mexican player plays for that team.  Nestor believes that art is a great way to express himself and therefore it is cool.  He was born in Lynwood as an only child like myself, but now resides in Paramount.

Wk 5 – Ethnography

It is interesting to think that only 100 years ago the light bulb was invented.  Before the lightbulb, people woke up when the sun rose and went to sleep when it went down.  In my opinion, that gives humans a closer connection with the earth.  Because of the invention of the lightbulb, humankind has advanced tremendously with different kinds of technology.  It has allowed people to work later into the night and possibly all 24 hours.  Because I was not alive during the time when there was no lightbulbs, I have not had to live without it.  Living without electricity for one night can be challenging, but it has the potential to be  a good breather being disconnected.

As the sun was starting to set Thursday 9/24, I had to quickly finish my homework and study before saying goodbye to my cell phone and laptop.  As the sun went completely away around 8PM, my apartment was getting darker and darker.  Luckily I already had some candles lit in preparation.  As the night went by, without having the television and fans on, it got extremely hot so my girlfriend and I decided to go outside where we could get a breeze.  There wasn’t much to do outside either so we decided to cuddle and talk in bed.  Without the distractions of technology, there was good conversation that flowed naturally free of any disturbing noises from phones and television.  Due to the complete darkness with the exception of a few candles, we began to feel sleepy and ended up calling it a night.

The following morning, I woke up around 7am with the sunrise.  I felt more well rested than any other night.  I think it is because I went to sleep earlier than usual, or possibly, my mind was free from distractions and stress that technology brings.  2015-09-27 19.59.08

Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Tony Nguyen

IMG_1414Before taking a look at the art galleries, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tony Nguyen.  He is a sophomore and nursing major.  He is also Vietnamese like myself and moved here in 2004 from Vietnam.  I asked him what he swims in and he said colors.  Because of such an abstract answer, he explained that colors make him feel happy.  If there were no colors, then it would be boring.  Seeing lots of colors makes him less stressed.  You can connect with Tony through his instagram page.

Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Kiyomi Fukui

IMG_1417On September 24, I had the pleasure of meeting a unique artist by the name of Kiyomi Fukui.  Her pieces were presented in the Dutzi art Gallery at Cal State Long Beach.  She is a printmaker that uses an abstract medium to present her artwork.  She uses this special paper that will change colors and leave an imprint, to represent a physical memory of the encounter.  On this paper, Kiyomi drinks hibiscus tea while talking about her art.  She describes that a photo can also be taken to represent the interaction, however it is just a representation of the event.  The piece of paper that is on the table while people drink tea, create an impression left on the paper.  IMG_1425 IMG_1424Here are some examples to some pieces of paper that covered the table and having the impression left.

IMG_1418Here is a picture of Kiyomi having some hibiscus tea with me outside of her art gallery.  Her ideas of the world and art are abstract and represent a very free flowing mentality that I share with her.  Here is a little poem on her cards that she distributed at her gallery.  From talky ing to her, she seems like a driven artist that loves thinking outside the box to create her art.


After speaking with Kiyomi, I feel a greater sense of appreciation for the “moment” instead of just a representation of it.  Because of technology, there is less of a connection to real objects that create the memories.  Instead, there are a bunch of pictures, but it does not tell the same story.  After sharing ideas with Kiyomi, I feel that it is more important to enjoy the moment rather than to try and capture a representation of it.

Week 4 – painting 

As summer is winding down, I want to enjoy the most out of what is left of it. What better way than to head down to Venice Beach on a beautiful sunny day. Because it was my first time drawing on the walls in a public area, I was quite nervous as I did not want to paint over someone’s work and cause any problems. Luckily I found a spot on the wall that wasn’t tagged up nicely yet. Here are some of the photos that document my adventure!  

Overall, this was a great experience and I am glad I took the time to go to Venice. Thanks Glenn for making this such a cool assignment!