Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Tony Nguyen &


During the last week of Classmate conversations, I met up with a previous classmate that I had met during the semester, Tony Nguyen.  Together we met Luis Rangel and we interviewed him to get to know him.  He is a Freshman majoring in business.  He just recently changed his mind from being a communications major.  10 years from today, he would like to work in the marketing field to advertise and have something of his be on a billboard.  He likes to listen to alternative music and some of his favorite bands are the Killers and The Arctic Monkeys.  While growing up, he liked to read the goosebumps series of books.  If he had 3 wishes to be granted, he wants to have unlimited Korean Barbecue, gas, and Internet on his phone.  He also likes to watch the Walking Dead like myself.  We asked him what art has made the biggest impact in his life and he said it was Kiyomi Fukui.  She was the artist that drank tea and made an impression on the paper covering the table, which represented an imprint of the interaction.  He feels like this  has impacted his life by taking this class.


Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Chris Chang

During week 12, I met a classmate by the name of Chris Chang.  He is a senior majoring in mathematics and wants to be in the finance field.  His first choice of college was MIT, and even though he was wait listed for the school, he did not get accepted.  Chris likes to watch and play basketball and his favorite team is the Lakers.  He moved to Long Beach from Orange County.  The question of the week was which color calms us and which color gets him going.  White is a color that calms him because it is an empty color.  He is a simple person and white is a perfect example.  Blue is the color that gets him going because it reminds him of the ocean and because he likes to surf.  IMG_1549

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Zeida Gonzalez

IMG_1509While in the Gatov West gallery, I met Zeida Gonzales while admiring the artwork of Maccabee Shelley.  She is a 3rd year film major living in Whittier and the oldest of 6 siblings.  When I asked her about her tastes in art, she told me she likes the creepy and eerie vibe.  She mentioned some of the artists of previous weeks that she was interested in because they gave her that feeling.  One was last week, the artist that had skulls and skeleton bones as drawings.  I noticed that she had teal hair so I asked her what it meant to her and she told me it was just something she wants to do, and eventually going to magenta hair.  However, it’s hard for her to achieve that because of life events that she has to change her hair back to a normal color.  A funny coincidence was that Zeida had matching hair with our professor Glenn that day. LOL

Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Steven Gonzales

IMG_0928During week 7 of this fall 15′ semester, I interviewed my classmate Steven Gonzales.  He is a 2nd year sociology major and likes to hang out with his friends and eat.  He doesn’t like to party much but does enjoy to play and watch soccer.  He also likes to play video games with his friends.  His favorite soccer player is Messi, who plays for Barcelona.  I asked him about what color he would dye his hair and blue would be his choice because it is his favorite color, even though he said he would never do it.  Currently, he lives in Bellflower with his family.