Wk 8 – Mobile Public Art: Somebody

This week I downloaded and tried the Somebody app.  I signed up by making an account through Facebook and as I understand, this app is supposed to allow users to send messages to their friends through other people delivering the messages.  So I would write a message to my friend, but a person nearby would record the message and deliver it to my friend.  This is a very cool concept and I would like to give it a try.  I was not able to get this app to work.  When I try to insert emails to add classmates as friends, it sent them an invite email to use the app, however that’s the furthest I got.  I was not able to send any messages.  I feel that this application definitely has a lot of bugs left to fix before it becomes mainstream.  I know the general public would not be very happy to download an app that doesn’t work.  Hopefully this app gets the bugs worked out because it has the potential to be a very fun and unique way of communicating.